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AGS uses girl-centered strategies both inside and outside of the classroom to ensure all aspects of the learning environment are right for girls. 

All students are expected to take a minimum of six courses each semester. Students in grades 9 through 12 are expected to take a minimum of five and a maximum of seven academic courses per year. For college admission purposes, six classes are recommended. A total of 23 credits are required for graduation. Each yearlong course constitutes one credit; each semester-long course constitutes one-half credit.

Middle school English provides a solid foundation in the use and understanding of the English language. Writing, grammar, reading, and vocabulary are integral parts of the English courses. Students begin practicing and polishing skills pertaining to different types of writing, such as narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive. With an emphasis on self-expression and expression of ideas, writing assignments encourage students to begin literary analysis and produce logical arguments in writing. Reading comprehension is developed through the study of diverse texts, including significant and classic pieces of literature. Vocabulary and grammar are part of every course, studied both independently and in the context of reading and writing.

Upper school English develops the student’s ability to understand and appreciate great works of literature and to respond to literary selections through oral presentation and in writing, both creatively and formally. Writing, grammar, and vocabulary are integral parts of upper school English courses as students expand and polish their writing skills. Upper school English focuses on the use of a diverse selection of texts as a springboard for argument and thesis-driven papers. Vocabulary and grammar studied through direct instruction and through models found in literature, serve to develop and strengthen a personal writing style.

 Language Foundations

 Identity and Expression

 The Human Condition

 Approaches to Literature & Language
   British Literature and Writing

 American Literature and Writing

 Literature and Ideas
   Study Skills

 AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition